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5 DC characters I would love to see introduced to Arrowverse next.

With the recent announcement that Batwoman would be appearing in the upcoming Arrowverse crossover, we can tick yet another superhero to be introduced into the shared universe off of the list. Starting off with just Green Arrow, the Arrowverse has now featured an incredibly large amount of DC characters, heroes and villains alike. Looking to the future, there's a number of DC characters that I would LOVE to be introduced. With that being said, these are the top 5 DC comics characters that I would like to see introduced into the Arrowverse after Batwoman.

1. Batman: Come on, did you expect anyone else with my first entry? With the inclusion of Superman in Supergirl, DC showed that they weren't afraid of bringing in some of the biggest names they have in their arsenal, even if it is only as a supporting role. With the upcoming Arrowverse crossover taking place in Gotham and introducing Batwoman, there is no reason why Batman himself can't be brought into the fold eventually. Who doesn't want to see Bruce Wayne coming face to face with his future Justice League team mates in The Flash, Green Arrow and maybe even Superman. With Oliver Queen name dropping him in Arrow, we know that there is a version of Bruce Wayne in the Arrowverse. Hopefully, he will make an appearance as The Dark Knight sooner rather than later.

2. Lex Luthor: So far we've seen Lex's father, Lionel Luthor, his half sister, Lena Luthor and his mother, Lillian Luthor, all appear in the Arrowverse. Appearing in Supergirl, Lena Luthor has been featured as a series regular, whilst Lionel and Lillian have only made a small number of appearances, mostly in flashbacks to flesh out Lena's backstory. Despite all of this, Lex himself is yet to make any appearance. Whilst he has been mentioned by name regularly, Lex is nowhere to be seen and considering he is one of Superman's biggest villains, it only makes sense to have him featured in Supergirl eventually. I for one would love to see Earth's smartest man join the Arrowverse, the potential of seeing him come up against Supergirl and Superman or even Oliver Queen is all too exciting.

Could Superman's greatest foe pop up in Supergirl soon?

3. Booster Gold: As a time travelling superhero from the 25th century, is there a better fit for a new addition to the Legends of Tomorrow, than Booster Gold. His whole character is pretty much perfect for the show and I'd love to see him added. His character growth from a brash, cocky athlete who was far too interested in seeking admiration and glory into a true hero who truly cares about helping people could be a really interesting one to watch play out on our TV screens and I believe it would work perfectly within the Legends of Tomorrow show.

Often underrated, Booster Gold would fit in perfectly with the Legends of Tomorrow!

4. Green Lantern: In 1970, Green Arrow was paired up with Green Lantern to create one of the best and most entertaining comic books series of all time. Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen worked brilliantly together and for that reason alone I would love to see them back together and our TV screens. Now, I know Hal Jordan may be included in the upcoming Green Lantern Corps film so while it may not be likely that DC bring him into the fold here, you could argue that they're two separate universes and they included Superman in Supergirl so it's plausible that they include Hal Jordan. If all else fails, I wouldn't say no to a John Stewart Green Lantern or a Kyle Rayner Green Lantern making an appearance somewhere.

Hal Jordan would make the most sense, but honestly.. give me any of the Green Lanterns!

5. Lady Shiva: Regarded as one of the best, if not THE best martial artist in the entire DC universe, Lady Shiva is the perfect opponent to go up against Team Arrow. Primarily using non-metahuman villains, Arrow would be the perfect setting for Lady Shiva to appear on our screens. The fight scenes that would take place between her and The Green Arrow are too exciting to pass up on. Shiva's association with the League of Assassins could open the door to her entering the show as they have appeared quite regularly throughout its 6 season run.

One of the best hand to hand fighters in the entire DC universe, Lady Shiva would make quite the challenge for Green Arrow!

There you have it, that's my list of 5 DC comics characters that I would like to see introduced into Arrowverse after Batwoman. If you think I've missed any major names off the list or have any suggestions yourself, feel free to comment below.