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5 Things We Want for Gotham Season 5

With the fourth season of Gotham now over, The Comic Corner look towards the fifth season and what we would like to see the most from the final instalment of the hit TV show.

1. The Return of Victor Zsasz

Anyone who says that Gotham’s Victor Zsasz isn’t brilliant is lying. The complete lack of compassion and sense of calm he has for every situation makes extremely compelling viewing. Anthony Carrigan has taken the role of the psychotic head-hunter and made it his own. And he has done it exceptionally. We last saw Zsasz on our screens in A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Knight, where he left to go see his “bubbie”, and I can’t help feeling that there has been something missing from the show since his absence. In the season 4 finale, we saw a glimpse of the Penguin of old, the power crazy, mentally unstable Penguin. We can only hope this means Zsasz will return to rekindle the partnership with Oswald, and that it won’t be long until we are seeing him back on Gotham.

2. Jerimiah Valeska Character Progression

The death of Jerome Valeska was a big shock to everybody, including myself. I thought the way that Cameron Monoghan portrayed “The Joker” whilst playing Jerome was only bested by, maybe, the late Heath Ledger. However, Cameron is also smashing it out of the park as Jerimiah Valeska also. There are quite a few distinct differences between Jerome and Jerimiah, mainly that Jerome was an absolute raging lunatic, and Jerimiah has a more calm and calculated approach to chaos. As much as I do enjoy the calm and collected approach of a psychotic murderer (i.e. Victor Zsasz), I can’t help but feel “The Joker” should be a more obvious type of crazy. In my opinion, Valeska should be a happy medium between an evil genius, and a demented killer. Hopefully in Season 5, we see a finished product of the character we have watched and read about for nigh on 80 years.

3. Jim Gordon’s Moustache

Doesn’t really need any explaining, does it? Long live the ‘stache.

4. Hugo Strange’s Experiments

For the majority of Season 2 and 3, Strange was a staple on our screen and really made those seasons what they were. Probably one of the most brilliant and intelligent minds in Gotham, Hugo used his “powers” to re animate deceased bodies and bring them back with, let’s say, unique abilities. Hugo Strange is solely responsible for many of the villains that we see on Gotham, for example, Firefly and Mr Freeze were a direct result of Strange’s experiments. At the end of season 4, we saw Hugo Strange stood over Lee and The Riddler’s “dead bodies”, so we can only hope that he is going to work his magic, and Gotham is going to have two more massive problems.

5. Bruce Wayne’s Transformation into Batman

Gotham Season 4 ended with possibly, in my opinion, the most iconic scene of the series. The spotlight, Bruce, Jim Gordon, it was all very familiar and that’s exactly how it should have been left leading into the fifth and final season. Over the duration of the show, I feel as though the full and final transformation into The Dark Knight has been delayed far too often. I mean, we’ve seen snippets and previews of the evolution taking place, but eventually they all hit a dead end. Bruce seemingly has all the tools to be The Batman now. He has the attire (kind of), The Batmobile and the attitude to fulfil The Caped Crusaders destiny. Will it be a successful portrayal, or will the role be too much to ask of somebody so young in their acting career? Only time will tell…

So there's our 5 things we want to see in the next season! If you want to see anything that we didn't include in list, let us know in the comments section. Thank you for reading!