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Action Comics #1001 Review - by Robbie Rowe

Rating: 5 of 5

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Patrick Gleason

Truth, justice and the American way. But today, just what exactly IS the truth? Years ago, if a woman said she’d been abused, I think there would’ve been more doubt about the legitimacy of her story. Had she been dressing provocatively, or acting seductively? Had she been drinking, or staying out when she shouldn’t have?

Now, it feels like there’s more trust in their story – but what if it isn’t true? What if some women making abuse accusations are telling the truth and were abused... but what if others aren’t? Yet, a lot of people online and in the media seem to accept their truth as the truth, even if it might not be. This scenario is an integral part of Action Comics #1001, as Superman is accused of a crime he definitely did not commit.

Action Comics continues a few stories set up by Brian Bendis in mini-series Man of Steel a few weeks ago, mainly the one about a rash of fires popping up throughout Metropolis, ones Superman can’t figure out the cause of. We meet a series of brand new characters, one of which intrigued, surprised and even scared me and I’m left wondering just how the Man of Steel will deal with them.

The issue also deals with Lois mysteriously going missing (as far as The Daily Planet and Metropolis know) and Clark trying to avoid Trish, the gossip columnist, interrogating him about her and Clark. Again, the subject of the ‘truth’ is brought up in their conversation. It’s not only a big part of this issue, but from what I read, it’s meant to be a major part of Brian’s run on Action Comics.

Though I personally wasn’t too sure about artist Patrick Gleason’s art in comics like Superman, or Super Sons last few years, I found it to be fairly different to what I’m used to from him. The way he draws here seems to work a lot better for what the comic’s going for. So far, this feels like a very different comic to Brian’s other Superman title, Superman, which is a lot more cosmic, explosive and Earth shaking – but, this is enjoyable, intriguing and compelling in a different kind of way. I’m very much up for #1002 and indeed, following issues and hope Brian Bendis takes us in a very different, exciting direction.

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