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DC Rebirth: A look back at one of the biggest events in DC comics history, two years on.

Two years ago the DC Rebirth special launched.

This week marked the two year anniversary of the company wide, universe changing DC rebirth. Starting off with the DC comics Rebirth one shot special, the event ran from May 25th 2016 until November 29th 2017 with the company setting out to right a lot of the wrongs the New 52 had made. Whether it was the return of classic characters or just certain superheroes returning to their roots, which we all know and love. Here two years later, I take a look back at the DC rebirth and some of it’s best moments.

The return of Wally West: With the Rebirth one shot, DC set out to fix a lot of the mistakes they had made in the New 52, bringing the superman we all know and love back into the fold, replacing the brash and much cockier version we had to deal with throughout the new 52. The biggest talking point that came out of the book, though was the return of the original Wally West. Last seen in 2011, Wally West was seemingly wiped from existence after Barry Allen created Flashpoint. It wasn’t until the DC rebirth special that it was revealed Wally had been trapped in the Speed Force for ten years and that it wasn’t Barry Allen who had changed the universe, it was someone else, someone watching their every move. With Wally now back in the DC universe he’s returned to the teen titans, sporting a new costume that symbolizes both his time as Kid Flash and as The Flash. It also looks like Wally’s time in the Speed Force is going to play a huge part in his upcoming battle with Barry Allen in Flash Wars.

The return of Wally West was one of the biggest talking points coming out of the Rebirth special.

The Watchmen: As Wally mentioned during his return, a higher power had altered the DC universe, trapping him in the Speed Force for ten years and taking ten years off of everyone else, explaining why they are much younger than they were before the New 52. This higher power was revealed to be Doctor Manhattan of the Watchmen universe. Manhattan, who disappeared at the end of Watchmen decided to alter the DC universe for reasons we are yet to find out, but can almost certainly count on finding out at the end of the current bi-monthly series Doomsday Clock (more on that later). With the reveal of Doctor Manhattan being the one who changed the DC universe, it has opened the door to The Watchmen all crossing over into the DC universe, which if you’re a fan of both, can only be great news.

Batman/Flash The Button: During Wally West’s return, Batman finds The Comedian’s button lodged into the wall of the batcave. After extensive research and tests on the button, Batman comes to the conclusion that the button isn’t from this universe and after discussing Wally’s warning of a higher power manipulating the universe, Batman and The Flash set out to investigate. Set over a four issue mini series, The Button follows Bruce and Barry as they investigate the button, leading to a run in with Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash, an encounter with Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father and the Flashpoint Batman, Jay Garrick, who was also trapped in the Speed Force with Wally and needs Barry to remember him as a means to pull him out of the Speed Force and a hint of what the mysterious higher power, who has taken ten years off of them, is capable of. An incredible mini series which forwarded the overarching storyline that would eventually lead to my next point.

Doomsday Clock: This could be a little bit of a cheat answer as Doomsday Clock is currently running now, whilst Rebirth ended on November 29th, but Doomsday Clock #1 came out on November 22nd, one week prior to Rebirth ending so I felt it necessary to include. One of the most ground breaking DC comics series in years, Doomsday Clock has done what we were all waiting for, it has brought The Watchmen characters into the DC universe. Five issues in we have already seen Batman and Rorschach and Lex Luthor and Ozymandias interact in the search for Doctor Manhattan. With the big emphasis on the series being the eventual face off between Doctor Manhattan and Superman one can only imagine how big a moment it will end up being and how it is going to effect the rest of the DC universe.

Well, that concludes my list of the best moments in the DC Rebirth event. Honestly, I could have included a lot more, such as The War of Jokes and Riddles, The Oz Effect or Dark Nights Metal, but quite frankly I’d be here all night and all I’m going to say is thank you DC for ending the New 52 and using the DC Rebirth event to give us all much more excellent content. If you think I’ve missed any great moments during the DC Rebirth run feel free to comment below and let me know, thanks!