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Flash #49 Review - by Robbie Rowe

Flash #49 Cover

Rating: 5 out of 5

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Howard Porter

Flash #49 Review


Robbie Rowe

Like Batman #49 last week, this one’s going to be a controversial one for many. Whether you’re Team Wally, Team Barry, or Team Hope this is a good issue!, this one’s certainly divisive. Indeed, when I looked at reactions to it on my Twitter account, most people seemed to be blown away by it.

They were astounded by just how good it was, by what it did with Hunter Zolomon/Professor Zoom, the fact it showed how fast Superman is compared to the two Flashes, Wally West and Barry Allen. And indeed proving who’s faster once more – Wally, the 3rd Flash, or Barry, the 2nd.

I had a look at people’s thoughts of the issue on the website Reddit and was honestly surprised by just how different people’s opinions of it were on both sites. On Reddit, it was mostly negative, bar about 2 people other than me, a number criticizing Wally’s actions, what they brought about at the end of the issue.

As well as feeling the issue ended up a bit too cliché by the end, as a result of Wally and Barry’s race around the world. Through the issue, the crux of the matter is Wally racing to destroy a part of the DC universe called the Speed Force, which for the last 10 years or so has granted super speed and more to him, Barry Allen, another version of Wally and villains like Daniel West/Reverse-Flash and Godspeed.

Flash vs Flash!

West wants to destroy the Speed Force because when he, his Aunt and his friend Barry were brought to the 25th Century, Zoom told him that his son and daughter were trapped in the Speed Force and that he needed to destroy it in order to bring them back. What’s more, Wally couldn’t remember them because he was trapped in that dimension for years, with years stolen away from him and many others.

So, the struggle’s over whether or not to destroy it, which just might end their world, or to leave it alone, but which leave these two kids trapped there, without their father, or a mother that doesn’t know they exist.

If you like, or love, the Justice League, you’ll probably be very happy with this issue. Between Swamp Thing, Green Lantern, Arsenal, Nightwing and more, there’s very few forgotten in this issue. Especially not Wally’s friends, the Titans.

Next issue is The Flash #50, which will most definitely be an epic, exciting and emotional issue, especially due to how this one ends. I recommend this issue to everyone a fan of Zoom, the Titans, League, Wally, or who’s been keeping up with the comic to this point. Fantastic, in every way – and that’s a Flash Fact. :)