• rowerobbie9

Flash #50 Review - by Robbie Rowe

Rating: 5 of 5

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Howard Porter

Barry Allen is the fastest man alive... or is he? Seemingly, this bumper sized issue definitely answers that question – and for me, in a very satisfying way. This is a FANTASTIC issue and absolutely deserves its’ place alongside the greatest Flash issues and as the 50th issue especially.

This is truly a thrill ride of an issue, from beginning to end, taking the Fastest Man Alive to places he’s never been before... and places that are very familiar to him indeed. In this issue, the universe is being torn apart by what the Flashes Wally West and Barry did in the previous issue and the two of them must race together to restore it.


Their efforts don’t go unopposed, as Professor Zoom, a lifetime enemy of Wally, has regained his ability to manipulate time, as well as acquiring the Strength Force and Sage Force. Due to this, they endure a terrible struggle to save everyone, but encounter a number of reminders of the past.

One of the Speedsters is torn because of these, unsure of what to do, though he gains significant help in that regard. The art could’ve been a lot better in some places, most specifically when it came to the facial expressions of someone like Wally; or the design of his Aunt Iris, as I feel she looks too young in this storyline compared to what I’d expect, with a bit too much a mechanic look to her hair.

Flash 50 delivers a LOT of twists and creates a number of new stories that just did not exist before it. It goes some very unexpected directions regarding West, Allen, the forces of the universe in general – and some other, really exciting elements. I most definitely recommend this issue to everyone and am on tenterhooks for #51. Flash Fact: I hope Joshua Williamson’s on The Flash for at least another 50+ issues. I doubt I’d ever get tired of it.