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Hawkman #1 Review - by Robbie Rowe

5 out of 5

Writer: Robert Venditti

Artist: Bryan Hitch

Hawkman #1 Review


Robbie Rowe

Before last week’s Hawkman #1, I’d never read a Hawkman comic. I’d watched a lot of shows with him, like Season 9 of Superman prequel Smallville, or here or there in time travel/superhero show Legends of Tomorrow.

When it came to comics, before this, all I’d read with him was Justice League writer Scott Snyder’s Dark Knights: Metal, Blackest Night and Brightest Day, both of which were excellently written by Geoff Johns. Course, he was hardly in Blackest Night, he was twisted into something very dark and different in Metal, but was more himself in Brightest Day.

So, even with such a range of writing and differing versions of Hawkman, I’m still intrigued by him. In this comic, he’s like if Indiana Jones was a superhero – except with less Nazis or CGI monkeys ;)

Hawkman faces down a Temple Guardian

Much like in his run on Justice League from 2016 onto about last year, Bryan Hitch’s art is simply breathtaking, just amazing. The wide sweep, the detail, really suits Hawkman especially and particularly with all the really out there events happening in this.

I was delighted with the scope of the comic. It’s not just Carter Hall/Hawkman flying from one place to another, armed with his fierce mace. It’s Carter investigating parts of history, trying his best to uncover just why exactly he keeps being resurrected.

Why him? What’s so special about Carter Hall and who is he really? He seemingly finds some of the answers he wants by the time the issue ends, both thanks to his own efforts and that of a magical friend.

Personally, I felt this was amazing and a fantastic starting point for new readers like me. I highly recommend it and I can hardly wait for the next issue. The cliff-hanger it ends on begs to be followed up on.

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