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Justice League #5 Review - by Robbie Rowe

Rating: 5 of 5

Writer: James Tynion IV

Artist: Doug Mahnke

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Some other works of James Tynion IV are his recently finished Detective Comics run and now he's writing Justice League Dark, which I definitely recommend if you're into the darker, more supernatural part of the DC Universe.

Doug Mahnke has illustrated stories like Final Crisis, the Sinestro Corps War and Black Adam: The Dark Age, the first of which I really recommend if you're into the DC Universe as a whole, but being torn apart.


Who are we? Are we good, are we heroes, people who save lives, tend to family and never give up on someone in need? Are we as people worth aspiring to and are we truly worth... anything? Since the mini-series No Justice ended a few months ago, Lex Luthor has been pondering the true nature of the universe.

Earlier in Scott Snyder’s run, Lex unwittingly found the key to what he truly wanted. Here, we find out a lot more about what happened before and after he found that ‘key’. Luthor gathering his Legion of Doom, or we at least get to see him gather Sinestro, or Gorilla Grodd, but not how he convinced Black Manta or Cheetah yet.

I don’t wonder how he convinced Joker to join, as I feel that’d be a lot easier, due to both their goals very much aligning, especially in comparison to the major differences between telepathic terror Grodd, or maybe some of the others. I’m not really familiar with Cheetah, with the 1st comics I’ve read with her being these last few JL comics.

So I hope writers Tynion IV and Snyder will expand on her as they’ve done Lex, Sinestro and Grodd so far. If you’re wondering why James is writing this issue instead of Scott, from what Snyder said, every couple of issues, Tynion will come on and focus more on the Legion of Doom, while progressing the story, then Scott’d be back after that.

Doug Mahnke’s illustrating this issue, someone who worked on Final Crisis a fair few years ago with former Batman writer Grant Morrison. Once more, he gets to draw some very far out, creative things, like the end of the universe, a green eyed Gorilla Grodd with a baby; or Lex on his truly cosmic journey for truth.

Even with a different writer for the issue, the usual quality remains and it’s particularly refreshing getting more of a focus on the villains rather than the heroes and I look forward to more of that next issue! I’m not sure how much chance the League have of surviving what Lex and the Legion have in store, as well as what the Totality actually is, but I’m both anxious and excited to see how it’s resolved. I recommend all 5 issues of the new Justice League – especially for the face of DOOM :)

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