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Man of Steel #3 Review - by Robbie Rowe

Rating: 4 out of Five

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artists: Wade Von Grawbadger, Jason Fabok and Ivan Reis

Man of Steel #3 Review


Robbie Rowe

The way in which the planet Krypton was destroyed tends to change a lot. In the 70s, Superman: The Movie had it destroyed environmentally. I can’t remember exactly how now, because I haven’t watched the film in a while now.

In 2013, similarly titled Man of Steel saw Krypton destroyed the same way. In the 90s, in Superman The Animated Series, if I remember correctly, once more, Kryptonians could’ve survived the destruction of Krypton. More than Zod, Kal-El, or Kara-Zor El, at least, if not for the evil Kryptonian AI Brainiac.

And in this mini-series by super talent Brian Michael Bendis, Krypton and indeed more Kryptonians could’ve survived, if only certain people reacted differently to the painful pleas of Rogol Zaar in the 1st issue. Of course, if they had, Superman, Superboy, Superwoman and Supergirl might never have existed – it would’ve been Kal-El and Kara, but no clone, no son and no legacy to follow.

Seeing as Brian Bendis is starting his run on Superman, on both titles Action Comics and

Superman and Supergirl face off against Rogol Zaar

Superman itself next month, this 6 issue mini-series is meant to give you (and me) the reader a taste of what his take on Superman – and indeed Clark Kent – will be like. So far, it’s a mix of the big battles, like Superman vs Toy Man, or saving people all over the world – and then investigating these odd, constant fires popping up throughout Metropolis that he and the firefighters just can’t figure out.

The Man of Steel even needs to bring in very far outside help when it comes to this. He ends up getting ‘help’ from his cousin Supergirl as well, on something hitting – and hurting – far closer to home this issue. How that resolves itself remains to be seen for this Wednesday in Man of Steel #4, as this issue ends with a killer cliffhanger, leaving me hungry for more.

I heartily recommend both this issue and the previous two, as the usual Bendis dialogue isn’t used so much here, he really to me understands who Superman is, in a way that made me cry in the 1st issue. And because of the underlying mystery of Lois Lane and Jon Kent, Clark’s wife and son, as well as the mystery of Rogol Zaar himself, the fires and more besides. Fantastic art, too!