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Man of Steel #5 Review - by Robbie Rowe

Rating: 3 of 5

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artists: Adam Hughes, Jason Fabok and Alex Sinclair

Man of Steel #5 Review


Robbie Rowe

Being the penultimate issue of Brian Bendis mini-series, a lot of things are being cleared up and further set up for when the writer takes over the Superman title and Action Comics next month. One of these mysteries is just what exactly happened to Lois and Clark’s son, Jon Kent/Superboy.

Of course, in the present day, it’s not only Jon that’s missing, it’s also Clark’s wife, Lois Lane. So it remains to next week’s issue, Man of Steel #6, to either reveal where Lois is, or at least clear it up a little bit. The answer to just who/what it was appearing before the Kents in the flashback was answered last week and what they wanted was thankfully revealed yesterday.

It won’t be an answer that’ll satisfy everyone and definitely seems to have left some unsatisfied on Reddit, but I’m personally very intrigued by it and excited. I hope that Bendis explores if further next month in his Superman, should be well worth reading, especially due to the characters involved.

The art this issue is more of a mixed bag than usual. One example of where I felt it was lacking was when Wonder Woman was talking to Supergirl later in the issue, as I felt Wonder Woman’s face looked a little odd when it came to how she was looking at Supergirl and also with her eyes.

Superman vs Rogol Zaar

On a more positive note, though I wasn’t too sure about the art from early on in the issue, the mix between black colouring and almost charcoal like drawings for Superman and Rogol Zaar’s outer space battle was very unique and really stood out for me after a while. Though, some of Barry Allen/Flash’s dialogue was a little out of character for him I felt and a bit inappropriate given the life/death situation he was in.

Ultimately, though, apart from some slightly lacking artwork and a little out of character dialogue, this was a solid issue, good work. I’m very much looking forward to the conclusion next Wednesday and hope Brian Bendis has something exciting in store to follow up that tantalizing cliff-hanger. I recommend this issue, for the most part.

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