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Man of Steel #6 Review - by Robbie Rowe

Rating: 4 of 5

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Jason Fabok

Man of Steel #6 Review


Robbie Rowe

Today, Brian Bendis has finally reached the end of his Superman mini-series and therefore set up the two Superman comics he’ll be writing from this month on – grandiose, cosmic, exciting Superman; and in Action Comics, you’ll see more of Clark Kent, reporter for The Daily Planet.

I was much, much happier with the art throughout this issue and having one, really, really good artist made it not only more satisfying, but a lot more consistent, especially compared to last week. Ultimately, though still a little annoyed with Lois and Clark in the flashbacks, I’m left more intrigued and excited by what it means for any follow ups to this thread on Lois, Jon and their mysterious relative from Clark’s very early past.

There are some very exciting fights, moving from the Earth’s core to outer space again, with Superman joined once more by his cousin Supergirl in his battle, resulting in a conclusion to this battle... at least for now. Right now, I’m not sure I quite understand how a certain character came to the conclusion they did at the end, regarding the mystery of the fires popping up throughout Metropolis.

Superboy ruminates on his potential future

So I hope that the ending makes more sense in Action Comics, from #1001 on. I also would’ve preferred if that wasn’t the actual ending of the mini-series and ended with the previous scene, which might’ve been more emotionally powerful, considering what it means and how it made me feel.

Overall, I recommend the entire series, despite some inconsistent art, a little bit of dodgy dialogue and a mystery that went on a bit longer than I would’ve liked. There’s exciting action, really emotional moments, a large amount of shocking developments and some beautiful art. The future is, for now, unknown for Superman and the readers – and all the more tantalizing for it.