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Superman #1 Review - by Robbie Rowe

Rating: 4 of 5

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Ivan Reis

It feels like when it comes to comics, there’s a lot of division. Both inside and outside. Whether it’s the division over whether Thor should be a man or a woman; the division over whether Ben Affleck or VA (voice actor) Kevin Conroy is a better Batman – and indeed the current, heated division over just what to make of Brian Bendis’ take on Superman. And that doesn’t change here, not at all.

The theme of division continues in Superman #1, as Superman is divided between flying through the galaxy to find his son and wife and just being Superman. He wants to find his family, go get them and tell them he’s not ignoring them and that he just can’t contact them.

Later on in the issue, Justice League chairman Martian Manhunter meets with Clark to talk with him. Again, the internal division of Superman is brought out, while J’Onn J’Onnz points to the many, many divisions throughout humanity, especially now. The conversation was a very interesting and indeed, important one, though going by website Reddit, it seems to, again, be a very divisive one.

Superman vs Dominators

I’m one of those who really like this conversation; what it brought up, what it means, but a lot of people on Reddit dislike it a lot for different reasons, which surprised me. So far, for the most part, I just can’t see what it is that so many – or a vocal minority – are so unhappy about.

I’m glad about that, ultimately, as there’s just too many things in life for me to dislike without a Superman comic being one of them. Changing from the Man of Steel mini to this, the art’s meant to be a lot more consistent, in terms of being the same artist issue to issue – and right now, an absolutely FANTASTIC one. Ivan Reis was a brilliant artist for Green Lantern not too many years ago and he keeps this very high quality up here.

I’m not entirely sure how Superman ends up where he does at the end of the issue, though I have a theory and hope issue 2 explains things as much as it can. I do think Clark over explained the situation at the end, but, ultimately, it doesn’t let the issue down, especially with as much beautiful art, high flying action and topics that just don’t tend to be brought up in Superman comics. I recommend it and hope this and future issues bring you up, up... and away :)

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