• rowerobbie9

The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Review - by Robbie Rowe

Rating: 5 of 5

Writer: Nick Spencer

Artist: Ryan Ottley

Often, the best way to begin something new is to go back to the old. And when you do that, you’ll find that exciting, welcoming and... right. This first issue from Captain America writer Nick Spencer does a lot of this and very well. As a long-time Spider-Man fan, this was a breath of fresh, yet familiar, air. With a character who’s been around as long as the web-slinger, that is very, very reassuring.

In TASM #1, Peter Parker’s life rapidly goes from bad.. to much, much worse. He’s got to deal with having his educational reputation put into question, the people he loves being hurt by something that isn’t truly his fault – and alien invaders!! These are just a few of the multiple problems the arachnid hero encounters and this kind of misfortune is exactly what the good ol’ Parker luck is and always has been about.

Going by sites like Reddit and Twitter, a lot of people have really been looking forward to Ryan Ottley taking on the art for Spider-Man after many years on Image superhero comic Invincible. In some ways, I wasn’t too sure of how it looked on certain faces, but was a lot happier with it when it came to certain monstrous characters, amongst other more out there parts of Spider-Man’s crazy world.

This was a very funny issue, with some very, very unexpected twists and turns, along with a great deal of emotion – and horror. It had a lot more treats, especially toward the end, than tricks and I really hope one of the promises of the issue becomes a welcome reality with #2.

What got me back into reading Spider-Man was Tony Stark: Iron Man writer’s final arc, Go Down Swinging, which I highly recommend to everyone. What will keep me there are Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley. I’ll be very happy to keep on swinging with maestros such as these :)