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Rating: 4 of 5

Writer: Nick Spencer

Artist: Ryan Ottley

When you’re happy and you know it... stay in bed! That seems to be a good lesson to learn from the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man, especially when Peter Parker had SO much happiness when he was there instead of later, when outside of it. It’s interesting how last issue, he was on top of the world for most of it, yet things just got worse and worse as time went on, especially due to Kingpin and Otto Octavius.

Interesting how that keeps happening to the web slinger, specifically ol’ Pete Parker; whether this issue, or throughout his life, married or otherwise. I suppose it just wouldn’t be Spider-Man without the ‘good’ ol’ Parker luck. This issue, one of the more surprising elements introduced by Nick Spencer is Peter going back to school – specifically Empire State University, in order to clear up his recently blemished reputation, get a legitimate graduate’s degree.. and maybe something even more exciting for the scientist.

Unfortunately, what happens in class, as well its’ choice of teacher, aren’t to the web-head’s liking – especially that belter of an ending, one which really confuses and intrigues me, particularly due to how Amazing 800 ended! The humour throughout this issue is really on point – and I’m not talking Wolverine’s claws! Whether it’s from more obscure, lil’ gems of villains like Man Mountain Marko, or the Black Ant, or from Spider-Man himself, there really were a tonne of very funny jokes strewn throughout.

It wasn’t lacking for heartfelt, sweet moments either, most especially between Peter and the love of his life, Mary Jane Watson. These moments were a very refreshing change after years of the two no longer being together, for many reasons and a welcome respite from Spidey being put through the ringer so many times, especially the last few issues.

There was definitely less horror this issue compared to the last and though I’m still getting used to the art, Ryan Ottley continues to do an OUTSTANDING job on more monstrous characters, such as the Lizard, or another fairly otherworldly looking fella. The future’s definitely looking bright for Spider-Man, even if he himself probably wouldn’t completely agree! I definitely recommend the issue. Face it, Marvel... you just hit the JACKPOT!

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