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What to expect from Batwoman's introduction into the Arrowverse.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past couple of weeks, you are probably already aware that it was recently announced by Stephen Amell himself that in next season’s Arrowverse crossover between Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl we will be introduced to Batwoman. Taking place in Gotham City, the crossover will bring Batwoman into the fold and could potentionally open the door to a future Batwoman TV show. Here are just a number of things you can expect from the upcoming crossover.

Batman: As earlier stated, the crossover will take place in Gotham, the stomping ground of one Dark Knight himself. Whilst it would be an incredible reach to even suggest that Batman himself could make a future appearance in the Arrowverse, the Arrowverse’s upcoming venture into Gotham City could potentially open the door to such a possibility and Superman has made a few cameo appearances so we would be foolish to rule anything out at this point. At the very least you should expect at least some sort of mention of Gotham’s caped crusader.

Batwoman’s backstory: While she isn’t one of DC’s premier heroes, Batwoman’s back story is certainly one of the most interesting. After being kidnapped at a young age and watching her mother and twin sister seemingly die, Kate Kane is sent to military school where she excels in all areas. After it is revealed she had been in a lesbian relationship with another student, Kate is asked to deny the allegations by her commanding officer and is kicked out of the school when she refuses to be ashamed of who she is. It’s heading back to Gotham where she first encounters Batman and inspired by his actions she puts her military training to good use and joins the bat family, aiding the dark knight. You should expect her back story to be uncovered throughout the crossover event, making her more familiar to viewers who may not be aware of who she is.

Batman’s rogues gallery: We won’t find out who the main villains of the crossover event will be for quite some time, but you could be forgiven for expecting it to be one of Gotham’s primary villains. Maybe we get a fresh take on Scarecrow, the live action debut of the Man-Bat or even an adult Thomas Elliot taking on the role of Hush. After all, it wouldn’t be Gotham without an appearance from some of Batman’s greatest adversaries.

An opening to a future Batwoman tv show: Finally, the most sure thing to expect is the hint of a possible future Batwoman tv show set in Gotham. Most probably the CW are testing the waters on audience reception to Batwoman before deciding whether to push on with her own tv show. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a whole cast of supporting characters introduced as we visit Gotham for the first time in the Arrowverse. With DC currently putting together their own streaming service, they’re going to need content to stream on there and if audiences react well to Batwoman and Gotham as a whole then the next logical step would be to go with a standalone show for Miss Kate Kane.

Well, that covers what I think you should expect from the upcoming introduction of Batwoman into the Arrowverse, if you think I’ve missed anything feel free to comment below and let me know what you think!