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What to expect from season 5 of The Flash.

After a disappointing season 3, season 4 of The Flash set out to right a lot of the wrongs they had made one year earlier. We got to see the first none-speedster big villain and key characters such as The Elongated Man were brought into the show. For the most part they succeeded as whilst the ending left a lot to be desired, overall season 4 felt fresh and exciting. The Thinker was an excellent choice of villain and Ralph Dibny brought warmth to the show whilst going through a brilliant journey that would take his character from being a self centered loner to a valued member of Team Flash who would risk his life to help anyone. The CW will be hoping they can keep the momentum going throughout season 5 and with the recently revealed details relating to the upcoming season, The Comic Corner takes a look at what we can expect from the show next season.

Desmond Paull or possibly Cicada: It was recently released that the new villain for the upcoming season would be a man named Desmond Paull. It was revealed that Paull is a partially immortal metahuman who’s powers allow him to strip other metahumans of their abilities and that he wants to rid Central City of all metahumans. Whilst this is most likely the case, Desmond Paull sounds an awful lot similar to a key member of Barry Allen’s rogues gallery, Cicada. After murdering his own wife, David Hersch is overcome with guilt and decides to take his own life. When he attempts this he is hit by lightning and gains the ability to drain other metahumans of their life force extending his own life as he does so, thus becoming Cicada. With the help of his cult, Cicada sets out to kill everyone that The Flash has ever saved whilst also trying to find a way to bring his wife back from the dead. While we won’t know for certain until the show airs, it seems like that ‘Desmond Paull’ is simply an alias and Cicada will be making his live action debut this fall, which I am 100% down for.

Could Desmond Paull be revealed to be Cicada?

Nora Allen: Through season 4, a mysterious girl kept showing up at the most random times. Starting with Barry and Iris’ wedding, she then showed up working at Jitters where spoke with each member of Team Flash on separate occasions. During the season finale she revealed herself to be Nora Allen, Barry Allen’s and Iris West-Allen’s daughter from the future. In the closing scenes of the finale she approached Team Flash and said she had traveled back from the future and she had made a huge mistake and needed their help. We won’t find out what it is she needs help with until season 5 starts, but it has been speculated that Nora has broken her father’s one golden rule and changed history. This could mean she has maybe created a flashpoint 2.0 or could even be responsible for the upcoming villain’s existence. The possibilities are endless and very exciting!

Harrison Wells… Again: It was also revealed that Tom Cavanagh would be returning next season to take on yet another alternate version of Harrison Wells. Last seen in the season 4 finale, Tom’s most recent version of the character, Harry from Earth 2, was shown heading back to Earth 2 to be with his daughter after losing his intelligence. Tom has played numerous versions of Harrison Wells, all from parallel worlds, including HR, the author from Earth 19, Harry, the wise arse scientist from Earth 2 and Earth 1’s Harrison Wells who was murdered and had his identity stolen by Eobard Thawne. I for one am very intrigued into what the next Harrison Wells will be like and can’t wait to see Tom showcase his fantastic acting skills by pulling off yet another iteration of the character.

What version of Harrison Wells will we see next year?

Well, that covers everything we know so far about season 5 of The Flash. I hope you enjoyed this article and if you think there’s anything I’ve missed out feel free to comment below.