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Who's the Best Spiderman?

Spiderman is an absolute brilliant hero and requires a careful approach when being casted. Read what The Comic Corner think of these actor’s portrayal of Peter Parker.

Spiderman: Homecoming

3. Andrew Garfield

Right, before I go any further, remember that I think Andrew Garfield is a brilliant actor. I think that giving the right films, directing and story telling that we could all be talking about him in a very, very different way. His performances in films like The Social Network and Hacksaw ridge were nothing short of phenomenal. But he’s still my least favourite live-action Spiderman. Here’s why. Firstly, I believe a lot of the down fall of Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Spiderman was that he was MAJORLY let down by the actual film itself. And yes, I know, people often say that the lead actor makes the film, but I honestly do not believe that it’s true in this particular case. The films were simply… shitty. The storytelling was off, the only thing those films achieved was a cure for insomnia. Harsh? Justified. Once again, I emphasise, not the fault of Andrew Garfield. Let’s talk about the things he did very well. His humour was spot on in my opinion. His comedic timing and delivery was a massive high point of the film. Also, he genuinely looked like he was having a blast playing the part and that goes a long way to making a film enjoyable to watch. You would be stupid to not admit that he had the look of a Spiderman as well. If I was to cast an older, more mature Spiderman, I would definitely look towards this guy. In summary, Andrew Garfield was my least favourite Spiderman, through no fault of his own. He had massive potential but was let down massively by the overall movie.

Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spiderman

2. Tobey Maguire

Ah, Tobey Maguire, the cult her of the Spiderman movie franchise. For good reason also. In my opinion, without Tobey Maguire there is no ultra-popular series of movies. He was the man who made the world stand to attention, and really invest in Peter Parker and a hero. “The Original Spiderman” will always be in contention for being the best there is. For good reason as well, I bet you would struggle to find someone who wouldn’t say “Spiderman” when you mentioned Tobey’s name. I mean as far as origin stories go, it was brilliantly told. The death of his uncle, the spider bite and the suit. It all fell into place perfectly. With every actor, there were some questionable moments. Basically, ALL of Spiderman 3. The bizarre emo dancing. And that scene where he is walking down the street “being cool” … what the hell was that scene? Arguably, he has one of the most iconic soundtracks for any superhero film EVER. And he will forever have the nostalgia factor, which is essential for being remember as a great.

1. Tom Holland

Controversial, I know, but in my honest opinion I truly believe that we have a massive talent on our hands in Tom Holland. I remember sitting down to watch Spiderman: Homecoming and being massively sceptical to whether he would be able to carry his own film. And boy did he deliver. I was a firm believer that they would never be able to cast someone who would truly take the mantel from Maguire, but Holland took that challenge and ran with it. Baring the fact that he looks exactly like the comic book character, fresh faced, young and a bit weedy, his acting was on point. He had a great comedic presence. Young, witty and exciting (especially after The Amazing Spiderman). This was a massive deal breaker for the Spiderman movie franchise and putting that on such a young actors shoulders was a massive risk. I enjoyed his performances so much, that I am now in a battle with myself to which Spiderman movie is my favourite! The partnership with Iron Man is also a massive selling point to his movies, but he is just as vital to the films as RDJ. Tom Holland is going to do great things for the character and his potential is sky high. Hopefully it isn’t too long before we get another brilliant Spiderman performance from Tom Holland.

We can't wait to see Tom Holland back on our screens!

So that’s my opinion on the 3 (most popular) live-action Spidermen! Have a difference of opinion? Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading.